Care and cleaning of uniforms

                                    Wool uniform parts (jacket, trousers, great-coat, and blanket) should be brushed off

                                        with a soft brush or cloth and aired out after every use. They should be dry cleaned                                            when needed, such as after particularly wet or muddy events, or at least twice a year.

                                                      You can take then to a dry cleaner, but they tend to use too much heat

                                                      which will shrink the uniform. You also need to tell them 'NO CREASES'

                                                         especially in the trousers because they should not have creases down the

                                                                      front. They will still crease them on the sides because they use

                                                                          commercial presses and if the creases are not on or close to

                                                                           the seams, they look bad and are incorrect for the period.

                                                                           We have found a cheaper and easier option is to use the at

                                                                            home dry cleaning sheets that are available in the laundry

                                                                            supplies section at most stores such as Walmart. The Woolite

                                                                            brand sheets have been used and have performed well while

                                                                            leaving the wool uniforms clean and smelling nice

                                                                            without  damaging or shrinking them. They are used in the

                                                                            dryer on low heat and if the items are removed

                                                                            immediately, they will be wrinkle and crease free.

Make sure that you remove suspenders before cleaning the trousers. Clean like color items together such as sky blue trousers with the sky blue great-coat, gray blanket alone, and the navy blue blouse alone. You can use the cleaner sheets to rub specific stains before cleaning and they should come out fine.


Your undergarments are your shirts, drawers and socks. They may be washed just like any or your modern clothes, but should be washed seperate because they can and do get rather smelly when you are sweating under your wool uniform. They should be washed on gentle with cold water as the shirts and drawers are all cotten or linen. Use a mild detergent and air dry to prevent shrinking. The shirts will get smelly in the underarms. One way to combat this is to wet the underarm area with water or a stain fighter like Shout or Spray N Wash, then sprinkle the area with baking soda and rub in to make a paste. Let it sit for an hour or two then wash them as you normally would.

Your boots or shoes will gather more dirt than any other article of clothing. They should have the dust and mud brushed off by a soft brush after every event. If the event has been wet or muddy, they should also be set out to air dry, or the leather will mold. NEVER dry boots in a dryer or near a fire, a this will cause them to disintegrate. If mold does occur, use a mild detergent and soft brush to clean the boots. An occasional cleaning using Murphy's Oil Soap will keep the leather in good condition. Regularly inspect your boots for problems or wear. They can be taken to any boot and shoe repair shop to be repaired.

Care and Cleaning FOR boots and shoes
Care and Cleaning for GrounD cloth and poNCHO

Your ground cloth and poncho can usually be cleaned with a soft cloth and some mild detergent. Wipe down both sides and hang them up to air dry. If you need a little more cleaning for mud or clay, use a soft brush. You can use Murphy's Oil Soap to clean and keep the coating from cracking. Make sure that you rinse them well before you hang them to dry.



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