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What we Do
Living History

What types of events does the Institute participate in? We participate in and host several different kinds of events, at multiple locations, both in our local area, in our region, and across the country.

Of course, all of our events relate to the Civil War, and many of our events occur at historic sites, battlefields, and museums that have a specific link to Civil War history. Our events generally fall into these categories: Enlistment, Training, Camp, Battles, and Campaigns.


Drill in the Park

Training events are also held locally, and are done in modern street clothes and our Institute branded gear. We practice our drill, maneuvers, and sometimes do a short presentation that prepares our members to carry out numerous living history scenarios. We also take the chance to meet our prospective new recruits and prepare them for their first event. These events also give us a chance to interact with the public in a casual setting.

Camp of Instuction

Our camp events are full immersive living history events, often held at a historic site, fort, or battlefield. These weekend-long events give us the opportunity to do additional training in full kit, including several scenarios that more intense or combat-heavy events would not normally allow for. Although we don't participate in battles at these events, it is not uncommon that some skirmishes could pop up.


Our hallmark events, Battles are where we get to burn some gunpowder! These weekend-long events bring us together with other living history groups at battlefields and historic sites where we get to march into battle alongside infantry, cavalry, and artillery. These events draw large crowds and are a literal blast! Don't forget, you have to have some training under your belt before participating in a Battle.


Possibly the best events you could ever participate in, these occur at historic sites and battlefields that are generally farther away from our home base. Often lasting three to four days, and including multiple battles and marches, these events garner national attention and include troops from all over the country. Held only once or twice a year at different big-name places like Shiloh, Manassas, and Gettysburg, massive crowds show up to witness the epic battles involving thousands of men and hundreds of horses. You won't want to miss these Campaign events, but you will definitely need to have some training before participating.

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