Annual Dues are $50. This covers administration costs (such as this website) as well as costs associated with maintaining a stock of loaner equipment

Event Fees are $30-50 per event, plus any entry fees established by the venue. This covers food, gun powder, and caps. The fees for each event are noted on the registration page.

New recruits need only pay event fees for the first 3 events as a trial period, so long as there are loaner uniforms & equipment available.

Enlistment Fees

Various "Expansion Packs'' are also offered by the Institute, which may be required for participation in certain events and experiences. See the Uniforms section under Quartermaster for further info.

Civilian clothing and equipment for ladies and gentlemen varies greatly according to role. The approximate Enlistment fee is also $2,500, but may be differ. Staff will discuss costs with any interested participants.

Dues and fees

The Enlistment fee is a one-time fee of $2,500, which, along with the first year's Annual Dues, is due prior to attending any events past a recruit's first three.

The Enlistment provides each new participant with his Union fatigue uniform, equipment, and weapon, as well as his Institute travel uniform (both of which are required for all Institute events). See the Uniforms section under Quartermaster for a description of what is included. This fee also covers the participant's share of group camp equipment. 



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