Health and safety Policies
  • You must be able to walk roughly 5 miles per day.

  • You must be able to carry up to 45 lbs. for a minimum of a mile.

Emergency procedures
  • Most events the Institute participates in have emergency medical personnel on site.

  • All participants will be required to wear a period ID disc, identifying them as an Institute participant and bearing any essential medical notes.

  • The Institute will do everything in its power to avoid dangerous weather. Proper precautions will be taken in the event of a weather emergency.

  • Sick call is every morning shortly after roll call, although you don't have to wait until then to tell an officer or the surgeon that you need help.

  • Soldiers who have fallen ill at events will be looked over, and if needed, will be excused from their assigned duties.

  • A stocked first aid kit will be on hand at all times and will include basic first aid items and over the counter remedies for cough, upset stomach, allergies, etc.

  • You should bring any injuries to the attention of an officer or the surgeon immediately.

  • Most visits to sick call can be avoided by simply remembering to eat enough, keeping clean, and by drinking plenty of water!

  • Drink plenty of water! As a rule of thumb, you should drink at least two full canteens of water per day.

  • Personal hygiene will be expected morning and evening and will include brushing teeth, washing your face, using deoderant, and bathing or wiping down if possible.

  • Change your underclothes (shirt, socks, drawers) at night. These make good sleepwear and it means you are mostly dressed for the next day. This also gets you out of swaeaty clothes to prevent you from getting chilled at night.

  • Use the provided latrines, not trees. There are women spectators and possibly program participants.

  • Wash mess kits and cookware in the provided wash stations.



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