We are portraying life as a soldier in the 1860's, so you need to look the part, this means that you need to be free from visible tattoos and piercings or be able to cover them up with the standard uniform. Normal hair colors are required as well. Hair length can be worked around.

"pard" SYSTEM

We encourage the use of the buddy (or pard, in Civil War slang) system, and require it for all our youth members.

Tent assignments will be based on two people per tent, of the same sex and similar age. No youth in the program will tent with any adult. Males are not allowed in female tents at any time, nor are females allowed in male tents.

Policies and procedures

Drug and alcohol use is not permitted by program members or anyone else in camp. Modern tobacco products and vaping are not permitted in camp. Drugs and alcohol compromise safety, especially with firearms in use. Tobacco products must be of a period form, used respectful manner of others, and may not be used in tents or historic structures, or in the presence of minors. Vaping is not period correct. Violation of these policies is subject to termination of membership with the Institute.

Drugs and Alcohol

Violation of the Drugs and Alcohol policy is subject to termination of membership with The Institute. Any violation of safety rules with firearms, failure to comply with directions from officers or NCO's, or actions that create a safety hazard for others is subject to termination of membership with the Institute.

Other infractions of Institute rules and regulations will be dealt with (as far as practical) according to United States Army Regulations, Revised 1863.


Farby (or farb) is a term that refers to equipment, actions, clothing and mannerisms that are not correct or accurate for the time period being portrayed. Our goal is to have little to no farb associated with our historical impression. To achieve this goal, we need to cooperation of every member following these rules/guidelines.

- Don't bring it if avoidable, conceal it if you have to have it.

- Try to keep your modern toiletries in a small ditty bag.

- Do bring and use a toothbrush, comb and deodorant (period correct combs and toothbrushes can be purchased).

- Don't bring cell phones (or at least leave them in the vehicles).

- Limit farb activities and conversation, especially when spectators are around.

    (i.e. no conversations about the Dallas Cowboys, movies or movie stars, no playing catch with a modern ball, and NO MODERN POLITICS)

- No plastic water bottles, use your canteen

- No other modern containers. Containers should be concealed or contents transferred to a period container.




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