The food provided to Institute troops is the same kind of food issued to Civil War soldiers. While it is true that sometimes soldiers in the Civil War were underfed or received spoiled or poor quality foodstuffs, our soldier's rations are always in quantity and made with fresh ingredients that are sourced from our modern grocery stores.


True to the rations proscribed in the United States Army Regulations of 1861, our staple ingredients include the following:

Meats: Pork, Bacon, & Beef

Breads: Soft Bread, Hardtack, Flour, & Corn Meal

Sides: Beans, Peas, Rice, Hominy, Potatoes (fresh and dehydrated), Mixed Vegetables (deyhradted)

Flavorings: Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Pepper

Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Water

To which we add other ingredients commonly gathered by soldiers from the countryside:

Apples (fresh and dried/dehydrated), Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Eggs, Corn, Fresh Vegetables, Onions, Butter, Milk, Cheese, misc. Spices, etc.

Using these ingredients, we are able to produce many different recipes that are both tasty and authentic to the time period.


If you have an allergy or specific religious or dietary restriction to any foods, please be sure to notify both your commanding officer and the regimental surgeon. Your record will be noted and the Institute will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your needs.

Food preparation

All our food is prepared by our participants in the same way as Civil War soldiers: over open fires. The Institute also strives to keep the company kitchens clean and sanitary according to modern sensibilities.

Meals are cooked over hearth fires in the company kitchens of barracks when we are in garrison, and while on campaign they can be prepared in field kitchens for the whole company or by individual soldiers over their mess's campfire.

Meal preparation and cooking skills are valuable skills in an army camp. One can always take pride in a well cooked meal that nourishes the body and brings together friends to nourish the soul. As such, an volunteers to be Company Cook are excused from all other duties, including drill!


Our soldiers can spend their Institute Script at the Sutler, and everyone may pay using modern means. All proceeds support the Institute and its mission.

visit the sutler

Occasionally, our regimental Sutler will be on hand to sell our soldiers snacks, sweets, drinks, and sundries.



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