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  • Fri, Nov 05
    Honey Springs
    Nov 05, 1:00 PM – Nov 07, 5:00 PM
    Honey Springs, Honey Springs, Rentiesville, OK 74426, USA
    The Federal Army of the Frontier makes a pre-emptive strike on the advancing Confederate force. The fate of the Indian Territory hangs in the balance as white, black, and Native American regiments come to blows along the Texas Road.


Step right up and sign the rolls! These events are held locally for our new recruits. New recruits will volunteer for service at our recruiting office, process their paperwork, and then be put through their basic training before going into the field. This introductory event is essential for all new recruits to attend!


Load your rifles and prepare to meet the enemy! The troops of the Institute fall in to fight in a true reenactment. Expect to see artillery, cavalry, medical, and much more! Will you secure a glorious victory, or suffer a resounding defeat? You’ll have to sign up to find out…​


Pitch a tent and stoke the cook fire, because the Institute is settling into camp. Our troops will do some very important drill practice in addition to some live fire exercise at the rifle range, historic site preservation and upkeep, as well as some unique activities we couldn’t normally do under combat conditions!​


Attention, Company! Right, Face! The Institute hosts these casual events to brush up on our drill and care for our equipment without having to go very far. In addition, we might show a movie or play some games. Practice makes perfect, and in the thick of battle, you can’t settle for less than perfect!


You are cordially invited to a dress ball, in honor of our history. The ladies and soldiers of the Institute put on their finest for an evening of music, dancing, refreshments, and recognition for ​all of our participants and volunteers. This gala event is not to be missed!


Officers and Sergeants, front and center! Officer Schools and NCO Schools are leadership training courses for our adult and youth leaders, respectively. These courses are held locally and are designed to instruct our leaders in their duties as well as develop leadership skills that may be applied on and off the battlefield.

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